World Open Network

A Menlo Park based software developer creating products which allow others to encourage people to do right things.

Our Vision

We believe that a global community should be one that encourages diversity, innovation and sustainable growth as it reinforces positive values to the world as a whole. Blockchain has laid a technology foundation to make this vision a reality. We are committed to create such community tools to help others do right things.

Our Solutions


  • User-centric products and services are paramount to the success of our technologies. We focus on creating an intuitive and easy-to-use front end UX platform and marketplace aimed primarily at ordinary people to use.


  • Parts of our technologies such as the blockchain will be open-source and free. It is capable of millions of TPS and we've written mandatory fast KYC/AML by the WOB stack code.

  • KYC/AML security features help prevent and hinder illicit usage on our other products and services such as marketplaces and platforms. With one KYC session, our clients can have their users be able to engage with any application on their marketplace without needing to resubmit. This saves time and money for end-users, keeping them engaged with applications and buying the products and services they desire on that marketplace.


  • Using WON's WOB open-source technology, WON's licensed clients can help create incentives for their communities in just a few clicks on the WOP. No coding is required unless they desire to further customize. All partner communities run on WON INC’s fast, scalable and secure blockchain software.

  • WOP will be a fast, scalable multi-blockchain open-source software providing easy-to-use, financial-grade secure platform API.

  • Clients who license WON INC's services will be required to comply with all necessary regulatory licensing worldwide, including but not limited to BTL/MTL.


  • Our mission is to achieve sustainable growth. With our technologies and services, we put the value back in the hands of ordinary consumers and great developers, which encourages people to do right things to the community.

About Our Company

David Guo

Co-Founder, CEO

David Guo (Yaoqi Guo) brings over 25 years of software and game development, network security, UX, game theory and API design expertise to his role at WON INC.

David's passion for technology started when he was in high school at 1993, selling a multimedia management software system to GuangZhou Southern TV Corporation. In 1998 before he graduated university, David created the famed Skynet firewall, the most popular consumer firewall in China at the time with tens of millions of internet users protected by it. In 2004, he co-founded one of the largest virtual currency exchange platforms in the world, facilitating millions of transactions and generating hundreds of millions in value by 2005.

David has co-led the design, development and publishing of multiple products such as: Skynet Firewall (1998), MyIM (2000), Virtual Currency Exchange (2004) Evony: Age I (2009), Evony: Age II(2010), Tynon (2012), Digisocial (2012), Hi (2013), Heroes Charge (2015), Evony: The King's Return(2016) and Heroes Arena (2017).

Lu Lu

Co-Founder, Company Chairperson

Lu Lu brings over 10 years of serial entrepreneurship, creating multiple successful startups in the digital entertainment, instant messaging, publishing and high tech industries within the United States. Lu possesses a Bachelor of Design from Parsons School of Design.

Lu started her first company in 2009 and has been involved in leading and managing the design, development and publishing of high quality mobile and online applications such as: Evony: Age I (2009), Evony: Age II (2010), Tynon (2012), Digisocial (2012), Hi (2013), Heroes Charge (2015), Evony: The King’s Return (2016) and Heroes Arena (2017).

During her tenure as CEO over multiple companies, Lu has managed diverse teams with hundreds of developers globally reporting to her with a combined user base of hundreds of million users worldwide. Her published products have won a dozen awards within the industry such as Pocket Gamer's Top 50 Developer for 2015.

Key Company Information

Company Name

  • World Open Network, Inc. (incorporated Mar 20, 2018 in Delaware, registered Apr 2, 2018 in California)


  • 4400 Bohannon Drive, Suite 280, Menlo Park, CA 94025



  • WON Limited

  • World Open Network, LLC.

Important Acronyms We Use


  • The World Open Blockchain, a 3rd generation open-source blockchain developed by WON INC.


  • The World Open Network, the blockchain community built on the WOB.


  • World Open Network, Inc., the company behind the development and offering its products and services.


  • Mobile app wallet available on android and iOS devices.


  • The World Open Network Platform


  • BitLicense


  • Money Transmitter License

Service Providers and Advisors

Polsinelli PC

  • Richard B. Levin: Securities and commodities law, corporate law.

  • Robert Cudd: Taxation

Quinn Emanuel

  • Claude Stern: Litigation, employment and labor law.


  • Joe Ciccolo: AML compliance

Tim Hoffman & Associates

  • Tim Hoffman: Independent vulnerability, penetration and security auditing.


  • Guido Molinari, Dr. Cathy Barrera, Dr. Stephanie Hurder: Economics and governance roadmap, foundational tokenomics.

IDM Global, Inc.

  • Martin Lee: KYC vetting and AML behavior monitoring software.

Trulioo Information Services Inc.

  • Elvis Chan: KYC vetting and customer on-boarding review.

Q & A

Where is WON INC located?

Our headquarters are in the heart of Silicon Valley, California!

Are you hiring?

Yes we are! WON Inc already has ten members at our headquarters in our new office in Silicon Valley. We have a job board too, and looking to hire 16 positions for key persons by the end of 2019.

How would the founders game industry background relevant? How serious are they?

Our founders, David and Lu, are serial entrepreneurs that have had a very successful track record when it comes to network security, virtual currency exchange, instant messaging, mobile telecommunications and mobile gaming and online entertainment. WON targets an opportunity to bring blockchain to a massive consumer market and we believe our past experiences of building successful products that serve hundreds of millions of end users would be directly applicable in this market space. They believe WON would become a community with sustainable growth that benefits everybody.

Do you feel your vision is achievable?

Rome wasn't built in a day! Our vision, business plan and strategies for WON INC and the community cover long term (10+ years). This isn't something that can be done in a day or year, it takes great effort and time to deliver changes that are able to influence the industry at a global scale, however we feel with the right team in place, we can achieve this. We already are preparing to near MVP soon with WOB, WON and WOP, and will release the first iteration of products in 2019. We're committed to seeing this succeed.

What's the market need for the product? What are you guys actually doing?

We're building blockchain products and services that will be adopted and used by millions of users globally, aiming to release these products Q1 2019. Through the platform where a vast amount of high quality applications will exist that allow end users to spend their cryptocurrency on real products and services available right now, a community will be created which will reinforce through our guidelines and reward positive choices that benefit the community as a whole. While this document only briefly talks about topics in a broad manner due to us wanting to maintain confidentiality, we are of course happy to discuss in more detail during the interview process when we see each other face to face!

What about those old ads?

The journey of entrepreneurs have moments when you make mistakes, but the difference between failure and success is how you turn that mistake into a positive learning experience.

When we were first starting in games back in 2009, we made a mistake putting trust in a third party marketing service provider. Once we were made aware of particular ads from our great player community reporting the issues, we immediately took action by terminating the service provider and taking control of all marketing. Those ads that ran for three months in 2009 were not at all in keeping with our vision for an inclusive and great player experience, and we made immediate changes. We don't shy away from this mistake, however we've grown over the past ten years. We think our latest ads that starred Fan Bing Bing as a powerful female historical leader who lead with cunning and intellect with co-stars Aaron Eckhart and Jeffrey Dean Morgan that played during the Big Game in 2017 showcased that we believe it's very important ads reflect the product, that they are inclusive and strive to represent the great community of the players. We hope that other developers learn from our experience, and make the industry better.